Seminal Krishnacore act 108, who have an incredibly devastating album called '18.61' scheduled for an April 13 release, have suddenly and unexpectedly called it quits -- again -- following the departure of frontman Robert Fish, who claims he's been "struggling to find my place within 108 due to the personal evolution I have gone through."

While he still finds himself, "aligned to the spirit of 108," Fish claims in a lengthy statement on the matter that he's "no longer comfortable with what 108 represents to most people and how that aligns to who I am. Over the years, I have tried my best to disregard that aspect of being in 108, but I am tired of answering the questions about it and, more importantly, wrestling with how I address it personally without misrepresenting the rest of the band. We are a band with meaning but not a band defined by a meaning. What does that mean exactly?"

Fish says that the band, which first split in 1996 only to reform in 2005, formed with no specific purpose in mind, and that the band's members all shared a common interest in Hare Krishna. "But even then, it wasn't about being a Hare Krishna rather it was about the personal journey to navigate through all we experience as individuals in a world we can barely understand. People never got that which is understandable as sometimes I think it became blurry to us. When we got back together in 2006 we wanted to focus on who we are today and start redefining how people understood 108. In my eyes it never really happened and it has been a constant source of frustration for me."

Fish says he's not Hare Krishna, and is tired of "108 [always being] tied to Hare Krishna, and I just don't have the energy to swim against that current anymore. It is just time. In my heart, I hope that in the near future we have the opportunity to play those songs again, at least one last time, and honor what the band and the songs have meant to us. Only time will tell if that happens. If it does, great. If not, I will have many amazing memories."