As we reported on March 23, Robert Fish, vocalist for Krishna-core band 108, has indeed left the group, seemingly for the last time. But while it looked like his departure would strike the final blow for 108, the other members of the group have decided to continue in a new form with a new vocalist.

"We realized that without Robert we would need to go in a very new and different direction sonically and, to some extent, ideologically as well," guitarist Vic DiCara said. "Robert's contribution to the band was so vast and touched so many aspects of 108, that we fully realize can not 'replace' him. We don't plan to try. Instead, we will do something very different from what we did as a band with him."

DiCara said the band will still be called 108 and that he, bassist Tim Cohen and drummer Mike Justian are currently working on new material. "If this doesn't make sense to you, I apologize. It makes sense to us," DiCara said. "We are eager to share [our new songs] with you as soon as we can. In the meantime, we hope you really get into our latest recording '18.61.'"

108 recorded '18.61' in February of 2008 and during the process it became clear that Fish's focus on social and political themes was at odds with the band's metaphysical and spiritual side. "Some of the occult concepts and topics in these songs took a while to find a home in Robert's heart before he could sing them," DiCara said. "But having found that home, he delivered them with as much or more sincerity as he always has in 108."

One the album was finished, 108 discussed the possibility of breaking up, but came to no resolution until Fish said he wanted out. "Just before the record was to be released, Robert decided that for both practical and ideological reasons, he just didn't want to be in 108 anymore," DiCara said. "And the effective-date was immediate."

It is still unclear who will take over vocals for Fish and no future shows are scheduled.