There are plenty of bizarre bands out there, but only a tiny few have made it out of the bar and rec hall circuit. Despite being completely unpalatable, these 10 bands are so awesome, their music couldn’t be forgotten.

System of a Down are probably the weirdest act to ever sell out arenas. Bouncing back and forth from existential philosophy to hilarious nonsense, System seem to have a song for everyone, as evidenced by their 40+ million album sales. Kombucha mushroom people, pizza pizza pie and eating seeds as a pastime activity have all been surprisingly iconic.

Primus have the innate ability to make listeners feel like they’re watching late-night stoner television at any given moment. The ‘90s was a time of experimentation that rivaled the ‘70s and Primus were bizarre heroes of the Beavis and Butthead generation. All their most famous songs tend to be about characters such as “Tommy the Cat,” “My Name Is Mud” and “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver,” but we’re not complaining.

Few will dispute Frank Zappa as the king of strange music. Not only did he make some of the weirdest music ever, he’s the most prolific oddball in history, releasing 111 studio albums. If you don’t know where to start with Frank Zappa, give “Billy the Mountain” or “Montana” a try. You’ll know immediately if Frank is for you or not.

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