It's been all Rammstein all week as the German industrialists have been steadily rolling out teaser clips for songs off their long-awaited new album. Today, three more teasers came along with the artwork for the band's first album since 2009... and it's pretty anticlimactic but wholly representative of Rammstein.

In the video below, Rammstein revealed the cover, which features a lone matchstick set against a plain white background with no text, not even the band's logo, to be seen. While the cover doesn't offer much visually, it embodies something everybody loves about Rammstein: fire! Perhaps there is a lot to be said in this simple image.

In addition to the artwork comes the complete track listing for the record along with three more teaser clips. The band has yet to confirm a title, but many have suspected it will be a self-titled record.

Listen to samples of "Weit Weg," "Diamant" and "Was Iche Liebe" below and check out the full track listing beneath the trio of videos.

Rammstein's new album is set for a May 17 release and can be pre-ordered here. Head to this location to watch the spectacular video for the "Deutschland" single and if you need the English translation of the lyrics, we've got them.

Rammstein Album Art + Track Listing


01. "DEUTSCHLAND" 05:26
02. "RADIO" 04:37
03. "ZEIG DICH" 04:16
04. "AUSLÄNDER" 03:52
05. "SEX" 03:56
06. "PUPPE" 04:33
07. "WAS ICH LIEBE" 04:30
08. "DIAMANT" 02:33
09. "WEIT WEG" 04:19
10. "TATTOO" 04:10
11. "HALLOMANN" 04:09

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