Legendary tattoo artist Paul Booth has been tattooing metal’s biggest stars for two decades. While touring through New York City, Cradle of Filth singer Dani Filth stopped by Booth’s Last Rites studio to get a fresh piece inspired by a punk and metal icon.

Filth wanted to get a Pushead ‘Hand of Fear’ on the left side of his back to match the work on his right side. Pushead became famous for designing art for Metallica, the Misfits and others, along with skateboard decks for Zorlac.

“I used to skate, hence why I’ve got this massive scar on my arm. That stopped me from skateboarding,” Filth says. “I was a massive fan of his art, so when I got tattoos, I thought that’d be a really cool thing to get done. The original one’s got the skull inside and I thought it’d be great because, you know, Paul doesn’t do Hello Kitty or anything like that.”

During the 75-minute session, Booth and Filth chatted about horror films, the pain of using the wrong type of Preparation H for tattoo after-care, and fielded some fan questions from Instagram.

Among other topics, Dani spoke about collaborating with Bring Me the Horizon for “wonderful life.” “I was a bit disappointed with the song because, originally, it was just me in the middle. Obviously, it was a lot better because of that,” Filth laughs about the song’s mix. “My daughter loved it ‘cause she’s a massive Bring Me the Horizon fan.”

Watch Dani Filth get inked by Paul Booth in the video above and click here to check out Paul Booth’s Last Rites studio.

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