The power of Megadeth's "Last Rites" has never been questioned, but the strength of the song has now been put to new use soundtracking a new Apple short film called Don't Mess With Mother. The captivating ad centers on the beauty, power and often dangerous side of nature, using an iPhone XS to capture the footage.

From wildlife ranging from buffalo, elephants and rhinos to something as tiny as a spider trying to make his way across the treacherous terrain of the desert, the clip offers a stunning visual. You'll also see nature itself on display from snow-filled avalanches to painted skies at sunset. Take a look at the short in full above, all while rocking to the Megadeth Killing Is My Business favorite.

Don't Mess With Mother was shot to mark Earth Day and features footage from nine different countries. Filmmakers Camp4 Collective were tasked with capturing this footage, and a behind the scenes look at how they did it, all utilizing the iPhone XS, can be seen at the bottom of this post.

While the "Last Rites" usage gets the band some added exposure, Megadeth are primarily focused on working toward new music in 2019. Bassist David Ellefson stated recently that while there was some hope of releasing a new album this year, it's more likely that a 2020 release will happen. "As much as we were hoping to have a record out this year...sometime probably early 2020 is my thought that that's probably when the record will be ready to come out," said the bassist.

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