Slipknot Halloween masks are no-brainers for folks who want to celebrate All Hallows Eve in style. Just put on a facsimile of the darkened uniforms and purchase your favorite headwear; the Slipknot Halloween masks aren't hard to find. For some inspiration -- and to pay tribute to the band's 1996 debut, 'Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat.' -- take a look back on the evolution of the Slipknot masks.

Slipknot Maggot Mask
Not representing a member of the band, this Slipknot Halloween mask celebrates the devotion of their loyal fans, the Maggots. Decorated with leather straps and a bondage zipper mouth, it comes off as more of a combination of every other mask.
Paul Gray #2 Mask
Wearing the late bassist's mask this year doesn't mean Halloween has to be a sad event. Instead, celebrate what Gray accomplished as a musician by taking on his Slipknot mask.
Corey Taylor #8 Mask
In the early days, the Slipknot frontman took on masks showcasing long, pulled dreadlocks that tangled as he moved and screamed. Over the years, Taylor's persona has been represented by simpler masks like this one. If running and jumping are in the plans, this is the best of the Slipknot Halloween masks.
James Root #4 Mask
The Slipknot guitarist's masks have always filled the jester role on stage -- an image Root has explained as part of his personality. Unlike most of the other Slipknot masks, this version made the comic-book Joker makeup the focus, not the bondage zipper mouth.
Joey Jordison #1 Mask
The old-world puppet seems to bleed through the Slipknot drummer's creation. Each of Jordison's masks has consistently used the cut lines above and below the eyes. This mouth-tied mask not only pays homage to older Slipknot Halloween masks but it steps up the gruesome and blood factors.
Mick Thompson #7 Mask
This guitarist is an excellent choice for the holiday, as Thompson's masks conjure up a caged demon who demands freedom to roam. This one gives peeks at human flesh -- so if you dare, make sure to add devilish makeup behind the corners.
Sid Wilson #0 Mask
Turntablist Wilson might have more aliases than any other member of the band. Beyond just #0, he gets credit under four other names. His masks have probably evolved the most; beginning simply as a gas mask, he now adorns the metal monstrosity you see before you.
Shawn Crahan #6 Mask
Crahan, a longtime friend of Noisecreep whose art has been regularly seen here, takes a psychotic approach to his masks. Representing an unhinged clown with whitewashed makeup and a come-see-my-van grin, this mask mutes the former versions and goes for a look of something once dead but now alive with decaying parts.
Craig Jones #5 Mask
Any era of these Slipknot Halloween masks is going to keep people at a distance from you. Jones has had many names as the controller of samples and media for Slipknot. Spike-head and Pin-head might be the most accurate, as his Slipknot masks have always been defined by large spikes and strangling leather.

What's your favorite Slipknot mask for Halloween?

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