It doesn't matter who your favorite Black Sabbath singer is. It's Ozzy Osbourne who is the most well-known, so it makes sense that a Black Sabbath box set of the Ozzy era will be released on Nov. 15. 'The Ozzy Years -- Complete Albums Box Set' collects all nine of the Ozzy-era Sabbath records.

Fittingly, the collection will be enclosed in a black cross with a 100-page illustrated discography featuring rare covers from all over the world. The limited-edition package also includes three radio documentaries, a guitar pick set and a poster.

The albums included are as follows:

'Black Sabbath'


'Master of Reality'

'Volume 4'

'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'


'Technical Ecstasy'

'Never Say Die'

'We Sold Our Souls'