The burning question in Mushroomhead's 'Come On' video is "do you really wanna f--- with me tonight?" No, really. That's the lyrical hook of the song. But given that Mushroomhead are a visual band, thanks to their masks, the clip is as vivid and unforgettable as the song.

Only this 'Fight Club'-inspired clip is disturbing. Like the kind of disturbing that keeps you up at night. That's precisely why Noisecreep is thrilled to premiere the video for 'Come On,' which was shot in the band's native Cleveland.


Singer Jeffrey Nothing told Noisecreep that "'Come On' is about us, as a people and perhaps as a nation, have had enough ... and seriously how much more do 'they' think we can take? It's about rebellion and standing up. It's about being fed up."

Mr. Nothing also elaborated on the point of view of the lyrics, saying, "The song was also written from a serial killer's perspective. When you think of it, serial killers are for the most part feeling invincible and anonymous."

'Come On' appears on Mushroomhead's 'Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children,' which they discussed at length on a recent ''Creep Show' episode. The album debuted at 44 on the Billboard Top 200 sales chart, an impressive feat for a bunch of masked freaks from Ohio.