Zakk WyldeZakk Wylde had no say in the matter of whether or not he'd continue to be Ozzy Osbourne's touring guitarist. That's according to the Black Label Society frontman/guitarist in a recent interview; Wylde has since been replaced by Firewind's Gus G. and hasn't spoken much about the split until now.

When asked how it went down, Wylde says that Ozzy and his wife, Sharon, "said, 'Zakk, son, we need to talk to you.' They sat me down at the kitchen table and said, 'Zakk, we're very proud of you, but you're 42 years old now. We just think it's about time you take your wife and your kids and you get the f--- out of your bedroom and grow the f--- up and get a job, because me and your mother want to enjoy our life now. I think we've done enough. You're 42, now get the f--- out of the house!"

While that 'son' and 'mom and dad' talk may sound somewhat strange, Wylde considered the Osbournes his family. "That's what happened. As rough as it was for me, I had to accept it," he says.

Unfortunately, Wylde first heard about losing the Ozzy gig from rock photographer Neil Zlozower. He had been doing a photo shoot with Kiss' Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, and heard the news from them.

"It's always been this way: 'We're going out on the road.' It's like, 'When? Tomorrow? What?,'" Wylde says. "I'm the last person to find out anything, you know? I've been with Oz since I was 19; I'm f---ing 42 years old. It's just like ... like, with my dad passing away, same with my mom ... I don't go, 'Oh, this sucks.' I never ask; I always thank.

"At least I got to spend 23 years with the boss," Wylde continues. "And he knows I'll always be there with him. Gus, who's playing with [Ozzy now], he's f---ing awesome. So I hope he has a millisecond of the good time I had. Gus will have a f---ing blast, you know what I mean?"