Yoshiki's musical talents are well renowned, as evidenced by his iconic work as the creator of the Japanese rock band X Japan. But some may not realize he was the composer behind the 2012 Golden Globe Awards theme song. Now he's taking his passions to different heights with the new instrumental heights with 'Yoshiki Classical,' which is set for an Aug. 27 digital release. Fans who want to purchase the CD will have to wait until Sept. 24.

The album harkens back to Yoshiki's melodic driven earlier work, and it features the drummer and composer collaborating with the London Philharmonic Symphony, the Quartet San Francisco, and Beatles producer Sir George Martin. Video footage of some of his work can be seen in the trailer above.

Yoshiki's worldwide influence has translated into selling over 30 million album and singles combined, and in 2005 he conducted and composed the World Expo's opening ceremonies. The artist's reach, however, extends far beyond his music. Marvel icon Stan Lee even based his comic book series 'Blood Red Dragon' on Yoshiki. Along with his own jewelry and clothing line, the musician has also had a Hello Kitty product line with the moniker Yoshikitty.

The musician's evocative composition for 'Miracle' can be heard on SoundCloud. As for X Japan, the group are reportedly planning a world tour next year, as Yoshiki told Japan Daily Press that the group plan to make their next trek a "thrilling" experience for their fans.

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