A solid playlist is a key component to getting in a good workout. Load yourself up on some anthems, fiery classics and some sledgehammer stuff like Pantera and you're sure to put on that extra muscle you've been looking for or shed a few nagging pounds. Or in the case of Yuki Kawauchi, some proper tunes will help you win the Boston Marathon.

Kawauchi completed this year's event in just two hours, 15 minutes and 58 seconds, good enough for first place as he became the first Japanese man since 1987 to secure the top spot. Conditions were grueling as he raced to the finish in 38-degree weather as rain drenched the competitors, making the path a bit of a "Road of Resistance" and it may not have been possible without Babymetal and X Japan.

Speaking at a press conference after the race's conclusion, Kawauchi commented (video below), “I really like singing songs by X Japan, in particular, ‘Silent Jealousy,’ but recently I’ve also been getting into Babymetal.” Both bands are a spectacle to behold live with intense, high-energy shows to complement their already adrenalized music, a perfect fitness fit.

Look for Babymetal in the U.S. this may with eight shows lined up, including an appearance at the Rock on the Range festival to cap off the run. Check out the dates here.

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