It's a big year for X Japan! One of Japan's top rock acts is making their creative return with their first studio album since 1996, but first fans will get a chance to reflect on their history with the new We Are X documentary film. The movie will premiere this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival, while the band will be on hand for a special performance as well.

We Are X explores the evolution of the band from hopeful upstarts to worldwide sensations. The group split in 1997 after a successful first era to their career, but reunited in 2007 and have released three singles in the years since. Now, after two decades away from their last full-length disc, the band is back and working on a new album.

"It's overwhelming to see the full documentary We Are X," says drummer/songwriter Yoshiki. "Stephen Kijak and John Battsek opened doors, which I shut and never intended to re-open. I didn't realize that on the other side, dark memories could co-exist with a meaningful future. Audiences will be a witness to our history and future."

On Friday (Jan. 22) at 9PM in Park City, Utah, Yoshiki will perform live with a string quartet for the first time at the Sundance Festival Base Camp Party. The show will take place at the new outdoor venue located at Swede Alley behind Main street. Dan Deacon, Flying Lotus and Neon Indian will also be part of the bill.

A day later (Jan. 23) will mark the world premiere of We Are X at the Prospector Square Theater at 2:30PM. Yoshiki and the film team will be on hand for the red carpet proceedings before the screening and will field questions in a session after the movie screens. After the initial screening, several more Park City, Utah screenings will take place through the week.

Fans in town can also look for Yoshiki staging another performance on Sunday at Park City's ASCAP Cafe at 4PM on Sunday (Jan. 24). Check out all of the X Japan activities listed below.

Yoshiki / We Are X Sundance Film Festival Events

1/22 -- Yoshiki Performance -- Sundance Festival Base Camp (9PM)
1/23 -- We Are X World Premiere -- Prospector Square Theatre
1/24 -- We Are X Press and Industry Screening --- Holiday Village Cinema 2
1/24 -- Yoshiki Performance -- ASCAP Cafe (4PM)
1/24 -- We Are X Public Screening -- Tower Theatre
1/26 -- We Are X Public Screening -- Redstone Cinema
1/28 -- We Are X Public Screening -- Yarrow Hotel Theatre
1/29 -- We Are X Public Screening -- Holiday Village Cinema 2

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