Ever since last Friday's massive 9.0 earthquake and tsunami in Japan, musicians around the globe have been pledging their support to recovery and relief efforts. Now, Japanese musician Yoshiki of power metal band X Japan is auctioning off his favorite piano to raise money for victims of the disaster.

The custom-made plexiglass piano is known as the Yoshiki Signature Piano by Kawai. The instrument also features an engraving of Yoshiki's name.

Yoshiki was born in Japan but now lives in Los Angeles. He was in Tokyo at the time of the quake, and is still stunned by the widespread destruction.

"It took a while to locate my mother, but she is thankfully OK," Yoshiki told reporters. "I've spoken with [band members] Toshi [vocals], Pata [guitar], Sugizo [guitar], and Heath [bass], and they are all safe as well. I am praying for the people here who are still trying to locate their family and friends."

Yoshiki will also collect donations for Japanese disaster relief through the Yoshiki Foundation America.

X Japan have postponed the release of their first American single, 'Jade,' in order to focus on recovery efforts.

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