Wolves in the Throne Room

"I'm not sure if there is anything unifying the American black metal scene," Wolves in the Throne Room guitarist/vocalist Nathan Weaver told Noisecreep. While USBM -- U.S. black metal, if you really need to have it spelled out -- has been gaining more and more attention lately, Wolves in the Throne Room are one of the bands at the center of the attention, even if they don't want to be.

"All the main bands seem to be making the music for their own reasons," Weaver continued. "I think the one thing that these bands have in common is that the music is a lot more bizarre than a lot of the newer bands coming out of Europe. U.S. bands like Weakling, Velvet Cocoon, Nachtmystium, Ludicra, Twilight and Leviathan are all very unique both artistically and sonically."

What Wolves in the Throne Room want to contribute to the underground metal scene is simple, though. They want to inspire their fans and those who are as dedicated to this scene as they are to take to the night ... and the woods. "I personally hope to communicate a sense of destruction and apocalypse every time we play," Weaver said. "I hope that our future performances inspire people to start throwing shows in abandoned buildings and in forests on the outskirts of their towns where they are free to have fires and drink absinthe and take hallucinogens. Music doesn't have to be in bars. It can be anywhere, as long as the pigs can't find you."

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