Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian thinks the U.S. government should step in to help Lamb of God's Randy Blythe in his manslaughter case in the Czech Republic.

In a new interview with Artisan News, the veteran guitarist complained: "I just don't really understand a system that, basically, has already found him guilty without even him having a day in court, because they're keeping him in jail. It's insane to me that that's allowed to happen. And it's really disturbing, also, the fact that the U.S. government doesn't step in to help one of its citizens that's being treated extremely unfairly in a foreign country. It's pretty amazing to me that the government doesn't step in and say, 'Hey, motherfuckers. What's going on?'"

Blythe is being held in a prison in the Czech Republic for the past month and faces manslaughter charges in the death of a fan (Daniel N., 19) who reportedly had an onstage altercation with the singer in 2010 and subsequently died from brain injuries.

Sonic Youth guitarist Thurston More is supposedly joining black metal band Twilight, which features Nachtmystium's Blake Judd. For their upcoming album, out this fall on Century Media, the Twilight lineup features Judd, Moore, producer Sanford Parker, Stavros Giannopoulos from the Atlas Moth, Wrest of Leviathan and Imperial from Krieg. Judd's wish list of contributors at one point included Isis' Aaron Turner, Lichens' Rob Lowe, and Malefic of Xasthur. How grim!

"You know Century Media could offer us 100,000 dollars to make that Twilight record and say, 'Blake, you get ninety percent of that money but Thurston Moore's not gonna be on the record or [he] can be on it and we'll give you 10 grand and that's what you have to make it work.' And I would take the 10 grand and work with Thurston. That's like how much I love Sonic Youth." You can't put a price on love, people! [Pitchfork]

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Go behind-the-scenes with "It" band Baroness, as they dissect and discuss the guitar work on Yellow & Green. Pete Adams and John Baizley give up the goods on the album in this interesting clip. [Guitar World]

Singer Burton C. Bell and guitarist Dino Cazares have been back at the Fear Factory helm in recent years, after a period when Cazares was out of the band. Things appear to be going pretty well. The guitarist revealed that in order to return to the band and avoid any bad blood from boiling over, he and Bell had to just let bygones be bygones. "Everything has been going great," he said. "Obviously when we were talking on the phone four years ago, a lot of stuff had to just be water under the bridge. We had to bury the hatchet and get beyond the drama. Once we did that, it was smooth sailing. We're business partners, we've known each other for over two decades. Obviously there will always be fighting or arguments, that's just how it is. Besides that, though, we're very mature, we're very professional. We're grownups, you know? We've put out two records in four years, I think that's pretty fucking good." [Loudwire]

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