Woe, Is Me's video for '[&] Delinquents' is frenetic and full of action, featuring the band playing while the story of an older gentleman unfolds as part of the video's larger concept.

"The video was a crazy experience," clean vocalist Tyler Carter told Noisecreep. "The best part was the catering! Haha! We had a blast though. Even though it was really tiring doing the same thing over and over, it came out brilliant."


The video moves quickly, with the moshy music and constant action helping to hold the viewer's attention. But the underlying plot footage is similarly captivating, and Carter expanded on that part of the video, saying, "The man in the video suffers from alcohol abuse and letting the weight of the world kill him. He only wants to create a masterpiece that is perfect, unflawed by the world, and something that he can use to better himself."

There is a bit of a twist, though. "He reveals at the end that it was actually himself he had been trying to fix, and make perfect," Carter revealed. "You can really apply the video and the lyrics of the song to yourself in many ways, and that's what we were trying to do with the song. There's always a chance to rebuild and better your life."

'[&] Delinquents' appears on the band's new album, 'Number(s),' which came out via Rise Records/Velocity Records last August.

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