Welcome to the first edition of Sergeant D's List in which I, Sergeant D of Stuff You Will Hate, will tell you what's happening every month in metalcore, hardcore, pop punk, and other genres that your virgin neckbeard friends think they're too good for.

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Watch The Story So Far's 'Empty Space' Video

As you have probably noticed by the endless stream of The Story So Far gifsets on your Tumblr dashboard, their new album has everybody jizzing harder than a 14-year-old getting his first clumsy handjob. And for good reason: they combine everything good about pop punk and hardcore, package it in really good production, and tour their balls off. Look for these kids to do BIG things-- I'm talking potentially the next A Day to Remember. Plus, OMFG how cute is Parker Cannon :3

Watch City Lights' 'Leaving Here' Lyric Video

They might not have the marquee value of TSSF, but imo my boys in Columbus, Ohio's City Lights are the best pop punk band around right now. They're back with a new full-length that's by far their best release so far, thanks to production by Brian McTernan (Circa Survive, Darkest Hour). Check these guys out on tour now with Handguns and State Champs-- bring your khakis, TSSF crewneck, a slice of pizza, and chat up a cute pop punk girl!

Watch Millionaires' 'Dat Boi' Lyric Video

Somehow or another, Millionaires are still around, desperately clinging to post-MySpace life (probably because the only job they're qualified for is waitress at Hooters). In any case, they finally released their first album and not only is it about 4 years too late, it's really bad. "Alcohol" was a legit good song and "Stay the Night" was a solid B+, but it's all been downhill from there. On the bright side, Allison Green got like porn-level hot: check out the best of her sexy Instagram pics for proof!

Watch Woe, Is Me's 'A Story to Tell' Video

My favorite Risecore/PODfarmcore band Woe, Is Me put out a video for "A Story to Tell," which is my favorite song of theirs. It's really shitty and even more fake than the drum sound on their album (lol @ the fake blood on the walls when they are playing army) but whatever, this track jams. Pretty sure that at this point Woe, Is Me and Issues only exist to dis each other but no care, they're both sweet. GL to Tyler Carter on his R&B career, too.

Watch Abandoned By Bears' Speechless?' Lyric Video

Last but definitely not least, I want to aware everybody to one of my favorite new bands Abandoned By Bears. Think of them as the Swedish answer to Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!: super catchy pop punk melodies mixed with ball-crushing breakdowns and wrapped in crisp Joey Sturgis-style production. Definitely looking forward to hearing more from these guys, so hit them up on Facebook and tell them I sent you!

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