Winds of Plague keyboardist Kristen Randall is a metal-looking chick. She sports a full chest tattoo, boasts tattoo sleeves and bangs her head like a maniac when performing live. She's been rocking since she was a young tyke, though. "I've always been engulfed in music," Randall told Noisecreep. "As a child, I was into both harder and classical music. I always liked different types of music, but my favorite styles were punk and metal. My parents bought me a piano when I was like 10 and gave me lessons. I sang in choir and played percussion, too!"

Randall used to go to shows with her dad and her first concert was Rush! To boot, she was only 7-years-old when her pops took her to see the prog titans. "He listens to a lot of great music and used to take me to concerts," the keystress recalled. "I remember him listening to Bad Religion, too! My mom was into the oldies, so I love '50s and '60s Motown, too. I have an eclectic background. My dad even took me to see No Doubt."

In addition to exposing their impressionable daughter to tons of music in her formative years, Randall's parents are supportive of Winds of Plague and attend the band's shows in her native Wisconsin. "They are always coming to my shows, wearing black t-shirts to fit in. They bring chairs on stage, or go in the balcony," Randall said. "During one of the shows I played last year, I saw my mom in the moshpit. I dunno how she got there, but she was there. I am lucky to have great parents!"

While Mr. and Mrs. Randall are supportive, they don't love all the elements of Winds of Plague's fearsomely metallic music. "They've said, 'The music is beautiful but I don't get the screaming!' So when I started screaming, they were like, 'Whoa!' They enjoy the music and ignore the parts they don't dig."

Metal fans can ingest all the parts of Winds of Plague's 'The Great Stone War,' which is out August 11.

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