We feel bad for Kristen Randall, but only a tiny bit bad. The keyboardist for Los Angeles symphonic death metal assemblage Winds of Plague became the former keyboardist for Los Angeles symphonic death metal assemblage Winds of Plague yesterday, and later on today, we'll be bringing you her reasons for leaving the band. But for the rest of time, metal will always remember Randall for her topless shot. You remember the one, don't you? Well, now that she's left Winds of Plague, we wonder what she'll be doing next? And really, we're awfully confused about why she'd leave a successful metal band. The statement she released yesterday raised more questions than it answered. Hopefully, our story will clear up any confusion regarding this whole situation with Randall, who also has a Model Mayhem page. Anyways, today's White Noise has it all. See you tonight at the Them Crooked Vultures show.

+ Speaking of Them Crooked Vultures, it seems the U.K. version of Amazon is listing a Nov. 23 release date for the band's upcoming, as-yet-untitled debut album. That's leading some folks to speculate the disc will drop stateside Nov. 24. Nothing has been made official one way or the other.

+ Former Skid Row and Saigon Kick drummer Phil Varone is one of the eight patients who've signed up for 'Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew,' which debuts Nov. 1 on VH1. The show will also feature porn star Penny Flame, surfer Jamie Lovett, Playboy chicks Nicole Narain and Kari Ann Peniche, and porn star Kendra Jade Rossi.

+ Hypocrisy have enlisted Children of Bodom frontman Alexi Laiho to play guitar on the band's upcoming North American tour. Laiho is temporarily taking over the vacant guitarist spot in the band. Oddly enough, Children of Bodom's first show was a support gig for Hypocrisy.

+ Don't worry. Slayer is not going to retire any time soon, but it seems there was some confusion about that. It seems Tom Araya made a comment not so long ago, about the future of the band following the impending release of 'World Painted Blood,' and the rumor just won't go away, according to Kerry King. "Tom must have said something, because I keep fielding questions about it," he says. "I don't even know what that means. We don't sit down and talk about s--- like that; I hear stuff from the press, but who knows. It could be three; it could just be this one and the next one. It all depends on how long it takes between records. If it takes too long then yeah, the clock's ticking."

+ Divine Heresy, Gigan and By Any Means Necessary will team up next month for a quick spate of gigs. The first is set for Nov. 7 in El Paso, Texas, and runs through Nov. 15 in San Diego.

+ Want to hear a new track from the Red Chord? You can now listen to the song 'One Robot to Another,' and yes, it's awesome.

+ Oh, and there's a new Rob Zombie tune online, too, called 'What?'

+ If you like Rammstein, and need to replace your dildo, here is a one-stop solution for you. Rammstein's new studio album, 'Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da,' will be available as a box set with six sex toys, handcuffs and lube, making Rammstein the creepiest band going now.

+ Former Overcast guitarist Pete Cortese has started working with a new band called Burn the Witch.

+ Swallow the Sun are also previewing their next record. 'These Woods Breathe Evil' is streaming there now, and comes from the LP 'New Moon,' which will be in stores Nov. 10.

+ Alice Cooper is hosting a 'Cooper-oke' video contest and asking fans to upload videos of themselves singing their own karaoke versions of 'Keepin' Halloween Alive.' Entries must be received by Oct. 31. Three winners will be chosen, and they'll receive cash prizes.

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