Tommy Vext After Crowbar Attack: ‘I Am Glad I Am Alive’
Former Divine Heresy and Snot singer Tommy Vext was attacked with a crowbar outside of his apartment Sept. 19 in Brooklyn, N.Y. during an attempted robbery. Noisecreep is happy to report that Vext is recovering through physical therapy, lots of metal scene support and a healthy dose of PMA; that's positive mental attitude, if you're not familiar with Rastafarian vocabulary...
World Under Blood, ‘Tactical’ – New Album
It's no secret that CKY frontman Deron Miller is a longtime, diehard death metal fan. He used to pen impassioned letters to Roadrunner A&R guru Monte Conner, regarding the label's death metal acts, which were printed in Metal Maniacs. While CKY certainly aren't outwardly influenced by Miller's personal faves, the singer is tapping into those deadly roots with his side project, World Under Bloo
Top Metal Songs of 2009
A lot of great metal songs came out in 2009, which is why it has taken us so long to put together a definitive list of the top 10. In the end, there had to be some omissions, and some may seem to be glaring. For instance, there's nothing from Megadeth's killer new album 'Endgame,' Nile's ferocious 'Those Whom the Gods Detest,' Blut Aus Nord's experimental 'Memoria Vetusta II -- Dialogue with the S
Incite Bring ‘The Slaughter’ to the Masses After Years of Preparation
Incite Bring ‘The Slaughter’ to the Masses After Years of Preparation
For Arizona thrash rockers Incite, it's been a long road leading up to their debut album 'The Slaughter,' which hit stores Oct. 20 in the United States and Nov. 3 worldwide. Singer Richie Cavalera, son of Max Cavalera, formed the band in late 2004, but he needed time to let the songs grow and mature before slapping them on a release...

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