Another episode of Noisecreep's ''Creep Show' podcast is in the bag, and we can't wait for you guys to see it. The guys from Anvil stopped by to discuss their album, the movie that helped make them a household name, and what its been like being in one of the most underappreciated metal bands ever. It was an insightful conversation, and the guys were brutally honest, uncannily candid and real. If you haven't seen the Anvil flick yet, you're really missing out. But, the movie will soon be released on DVD, so don't forget to pick up a copy. And if you still haven't seen last week's podcast with Shadows Fall frontman Brian Fair, don't forget about it completely just yet. Of course, today is a sad day for us New Yorkers. We can all remember where we were eight years ago this morning, what the weather that day was like, and how we felt that entire afternoon and evening, just reeling from the aftermath of that morning's tragic events. Take some time today to reflect on the magnitude of 9/11, even if you weren't directly affected by the attacks. That said, let's move on to today's big headlines.

+ Former Pantera and current Down frontman Philip Anselmo was recently asked several questions about the passing of guitarist 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott and his feud with Dime's brother, drummer Vinnie Paul. "I think about [Dime] so much," Anselmo says. "He was that guitar. He was that stage. He was meant to do exactly what he was doing, and he did it 1,000 percent. Dimebag's death -- the nonsensical reason of it all -- that's the stuff that's really hard to come to terms with." Anselmo says he loves Vinnie, and that "my olive branch is always extended to that fellow. I feel his pain. I know his brother was his closest friend. If we were in a position to communicate and talk things out, I'd be on the first plane."

+ Zakk Wylde has been diagnosed with a "rare genetic clotting disorder" which he's undergoing treatment for. According to Zakk's better half, the Black Label Society frontman "is still on this roller-coaster. One day blood thinners [which are used to prevent clots from forming in the blood, are] too high ... next day they don't even register in his blood." This is very sad news, and we wish Zakk the speediest of recoveries.

+ Anvil will be making their late-night television debut on 'The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien' on Oct. 6, in support of the re-release of the band's album, 'This is Thirteen,' and the 'Anvil! The Story of Anvil' DVD, which drops Oct. 6. The band plans to perform what many consider their anthem, 'Metal on Metal,' so don't forget to set the DVR.

+ PETA has done its part to get a TV spot featuring Ozzy Osbourne off the air. The ad featured the rocker watching a chimpanzee on a Samsung smartphone. But according to PETA, chimpanzees and other apes used in advertising are removed from their mothers as infants and routinely abused in behind-the-scenes training sessions. "PETA applauds Samsung's decision to distance itself from cruelty to apes who are used and abused in entertainment," says PETA's executive vice president Tracy Reiman.

+ Can you believe they're still making those bloody 'Saw' movies? This year, the latest installment, 'Saw VI,' hits theaters, and it features an awesome soundtrack, with cuts from the likes of Hatebreed, Lacuna Coil, Mushroomhead, Suicide Silence, Converge, Every Time I Die and more.

+ Want to hear Dying Fetus' entire new album, 'Descend Into Depravity,' before it lands in stores Tuesday? You can now. The album is a monster, and definitely worth checking out.

+ Hatebreed fans can download one of the band's new songs, 'Merciless Tide,' right now. The track appears on the band's self-titled LP, which is in stores Sept. 29 and features 15 tracks, including 'Between Hell and a Heartbeat,' 'No Halos for the Heartless' and 'Pollution of the Soul.'

+ Megadeth are booked to appear on NBC's 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' on Sept. 17. Want a chance to sit behind the band as they perform? Fill out the 'Band Bench' sweepstakes entry form, and include the band code "MEG."