Bison B.C., ‘Dark Ages’ — New Album
Vancouver's own Bison B.C. have finished recording their third album, 'Dark Ages,' which they'd been working on for several months at Hive Studios. The four-piece band worked with Jesse Gardner, who recorded both of their prior releases. "He's taking us on a dark, mystical, next level s--- kinda journey," vocalist Dan And recently told Noisecreep in a studio update last December... Read
Zoroaster Announce a New Home With E1
Since 2007, Atlanta's Zoroaster have been releasing their albums of psychedelic sludge on the band's own label, Terminal Doom, but in the past few months the band has said they were open for a change come time for their next album. "We might let someone else take the record to just get some of the money pressure off of us, just give us a little break," guitarist Will Fiore revealed to No
Zoroaster Show Us the Bus That Broke Down
Atlanta's Zoroaster can always be counted on to be louder than imaginable, to keep the party going, and be on tour all the time, but when the band let Noisecreep take a look around their tour vehicle, it was not expected for the band to roll up in a bus...
Burst Make It to New York for the First and Last Time
Imagine being in a pretty innovative progressive-metal-hardcore band from Sweden. You've been in a band with four other dudes who are as opinionated as you (this is sometimes good, sometimes not so good) for over 10 years. After putting out your band's fifth studio album, you and your bandmates decide to disband...
Gojira Learn That Brooklyn Doesn’t Speak French
Gojira consists of four dudes from France who write English lyrics. On Sept. 21, when the death metallers played their second New York City-area show this year, frontman Joe Duplantier asked the crowd at Music Hall of Williamsburg, "Can anyone speak french in Brooklyn...

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