This morning, while you were sound asleep, NASA scientists fired a freakin' missile at the southern-most point of the Moon, trying to find water. We kid you not. We watched it with our own eyes. Actually, we're not so sure what we saw, but NASA claims it crashed two projectiles into the Moon, hoping to kick up six-mile-high dust clouds containing water particulates. This, it seems, would prove that the lunar surface is capable of supporting life, because we're obviously going to need somewhere we can squat once we've used up all of the Earth's natural resources. A strange way to start off what's going to be a busy day for us at Noisecreep. We shoot another ''Creep Show' podcast today, and 3 Inches of Blood will be our special guests. Oh, and there's a ton to catch you up on since yesterday, so let's start the White Noise.

+ The Los Angeles Times is reporting that 'Anvil! The Story of Anvil' is the first official 2009 Academy viewing screener, and copies of the documentary were mailed Thursday to the nearly 6,000-person membership of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, for Oscar consideration. Let's hope the flick gets a nomination.

+ Vinnie Paul says Hellyeah have already recorded about half of their next album, and he says the work they've done so far is sounding "great." He reveals that the album may be ready in time for release this spring.+ Job for a Cowboy has been forced to drop off of its current tour with Gwar and Lamb of God "due to a family emergency. We have been having a blast on the road with all these guys and our bros in the Red Chord just started on the tour as well. We are sorry to anyone who was planning to come out and see us; you should still go to the shows cause all the bands have been killer every night!" The band will resume its North American touring in Buffalo, N.Y. on Oct. 26.

+ German metal outfit Grave Digger have announced the departure of guitarist Manni Schmidt, citing "many disagreements" between Schmidt and vocalist Chris Boltendahl "that would affect the productivity and creativity in a bad way."

+ Arsis have set 'Starve for the Devil' as the title of their forthcoming studio LP, which drops Jan. 15. The disc will feature 10 tracks, including 'A March for the Sick,' 'The Ten of Swords' and 'Half Past Corpse O'Clock.'

+ Impending Doom, Oh, Sleeper, the Showdown, and A Plea for Purging will be touring together this winter. The tour kicks off Nov. 28 in San Diego, Calif., and dates are booked through Dec. 11 in El Paso, Texas.

+ Explosions in the Sky have begun writing stuff for their next album. But we won't be hearing that new stuff for sometime. "We wish we could announce some sort of tentative release date, but that's pretty much impossible at this point," the band says. "We can say with some confidence that it's probably going to be awhile."

+ Embryonic Devourment are wrapping the recording of their next LP, 'Vivid Enterpretations of the Void.' Lyrically, the disc will focus on the Reptilian Agenda, a theory that a reptilian race controls our world. Rad.

+ Living Sacrifice have pushed back the release of their new album 'The Infinite Order' to Jan. 5, two months after it was to hit stores.

+ Firebird have announced the departure of bassist Smok Smoczkiewicz. "This split has come quite unexpectedly, and is due to personal reasons," the band says, adding that its currently on the hunt for a replacement.

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