We've all seen that dude who wears a band's shirt to that same band's concert. But yesterday, when we were in the record store, we noticed something we've never seen before. A dude in line, buying a band's new album, wearing said band's T-shirt. Seriously. We were picking up some records Tuesday, the same day Winds of Plague's 'The Great Stone War' came out, and who was standing behind us in line, a copy of the new album in hand? A Winds of Plague fan. We only know this because he was rocking a black and white tee, emblazoned with the words 'Winds of F---ing Plague.' Have you ever seen this sort of thing? It really was quite jarring. Anyway, today's White Noise is jam-packed with news, speculation, tour dates, smack talk ... just a typical Wednesday here at Noisecreep.

+ God Forbid guitarist Doc Coyle will be filling in for Mark Morton on Lamb of God's upcoming U.S. tour with Metallica, which kicks off Sept. 14 in Nashville, Tenn. He will also join the band on a number of headlining off-dates, when they'll be playing shows with Gwar and Job For a Cowboy.

+ We were going to wait on this, but now that some other sites are speculating, so will we. It looks like All That Remains will be touring a ton this fall. Rumor has them teaming up with Lacuna Coil for a quick jaunt, followed by a co-headlining run with the Devil Wears Prada. Of course, this hasn't been confirmed, but it should be soon enough.

+ Kiss bassist Gene Simmons and Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor could have had something of a monster Twitter battle. But instead, Simmons is playing Mr. Nice Guy. After Reznor called Simmons "an old man who puts on makeup to entertain kids," Simmons responded in his own way. Now, it seems Simmons was in Singapore recently, and caught Nine Inch Nails' show. "Band was solid. Good lights. Lots of smoke in every song. Couldn't see the band. But, boy, was there a lot of smoke. Terrific drummer, who played in perfect time with the tape loops. Good stuff... I loved it."

+ Want to hear a new track from the Gates of Slumber? The Indiana doom metallers are previewing their new LP, 'Hymns of Blood and Thunder,' over on Decibel's site, where you can now listen to a new track called 'The Bringer of War.' The album lands in stores on Sept. 13.

+ Marduk, who had to sit out the Blackendfest earlier this summer because of visa problems, have been allowed into the U.S. now. To celebrate, the dudes have booked three east coast dates: They play tonight in Baltimore; Thursday night in Philadelphia; and on Saturday in New York with openers Tombs. Marduk's new album, 'Wormwood,' is in stores Oct. 13.

+ Soil, Arkaea and Straight Line Stitch have been added to Kittie's upcoming U.S. tour, which launches in New York on Sept. 27.

+ Soulfly, Prong, Cattle Decapitation and Mutiny Within will be teaming up this fall for a U.S. trek. Dates and tour stops will be revealed in the coming weeks.

+ So, Rock Gone Wild was canceled. But what happened? Why was the event, scheduled to take place Aug. 20 to Aug. 23 in Iowa, nixed? Bring Back Glam has been looking into it. Not only did bands pay to play the 'fest, but it seems the event organizers' attorneys are still looking for a way to stage the concert. It also seems the concert organizers have some legal recourse here against the venue where Rock Gone Wild was to go down. In fact, a suit may be brought "within the next seven to 10 days." No word yet on when fans will get refunds, but an official statement to that effect will be released soon.

+ American Head Charge are done. The band cites frontman Cameron Heacock for the split. The remaining members say they'll carry on under a different name, and they are now auditioning potential singers. In 2005, American Head Charge guitarist Bryan Ottoson died on the band's tour bus.

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