Welcome to Thursday, kids. The week is nearly over, and the metal and hard rock news just keeps on coming. We still don't know if Zakk Wylde will remain Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist, although he says things are all good through his Twitter account, and we're still reeling from last weekend's RockStar Mayhem kickoff. We spoke to so many bands during our trip out west, and we'll be bringing you those videos in the coming weeks. For now, we've got a ton of news for you on some of your favorite bands. It's White Noise, keeping you in the know.

+ We've already seen one video from Alice in Chains, and now the band has enlisted director Alex Courtes to helm a clip for the first single from the band's forthcoming album 'Black Gives Way to Blue.' Courtes, who has worked with the likes of U2 and Snow Patrol, will direct the video for "Check My Brain." That song is expected to make its way to rock radio airwaves within the next month.

+ By now, you've heard Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington's coming out with a side project, called Dead By Sunrise. Well, now you can hear what Chester's been up to. The band have posted a new song called "Morning After" online. The song would remind you of early Depeche Mode, and the band's debut album, 'Out Of Ashes,' is tentatively scheduled for release in September.

+ The man who has been sentenced to a year of probation and two months of house arrest for uploading pre-release Guns N' Roses tracks tells MTV News he was offended by comments former GN'R guitarist Slash made about him. "A friend of mine conducted an interview with Slash last year in which he called me a thief and wished that I 'rot in jail,'" Kevin Cogill said. "I found that surprisingly crass, especially considering the guy has made no bones about shoplifting cassette tapes with the same rationale as today's downloaders. So if he wants to see me in jail, I'll see him in the cafeteria." He also apologized to frontman Axl Rose, "for that disrespect. As a fan who had lost faith in all of the promises of release, I didn't see too many other options at the time. But in a fair world, it's not my place to judge, let alone act."

+ Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has been working on a solo project for months now, and it seems the man's signed a solo deal with the Warner Music Group to release that music. Of course, Korn is also working on new stuff, but has no label deal in place for that music yet. You can also catch Davis' guest appearance on the new album from ex-Faith No More frontman Chuck Mosley, which is called, 'Will Rap Over Hard Rock for Food.'

+ Dying Fetus have revealed the artwork for their forthcoming seventh album, 'Descend Into Depravity.' The set is set for release September 15, and will feature eight songs, including "Your Treachery Will Die With You," "Conceived Into Enslavement," and "Ethos Of Coercion."

+ Velvet Revolver is still looking for a new singer. But according to Slash's latest tweet, a "Velvet Revolver meeting went great. Still haven't found a singer, but the dream is alive and well."

+ See You Next Tuesday is going on hiatus following their current tour with Arsonists Get All The Girls, which runs through the middle of next month. In a statement, the band says the hiatus is for an "undetermined amount of time. It could be months, it could be years, we don't really know at the moment. It was a very difficult decision for us to make, but after a string of bad luck that has lasted for almost two years, it doesn't seem logical or even possible for us to really continue touring at our normal pace or at all." The boys aren't disbanding, though. "We plan on continuing on where we left off some time in the future. We just need time to focus on real life. Get our lives set once again, and then we can continue on."

+ The Absence are looking for a fan to provide a guitar solo to their forthcoming third full length album.

+ Throwdown will release its next album, 'Deathless,' this fall. According to frontman Dave Peters, he's "stoked on these songs. If you follow us on Twitter, you probably read that shameless self-promotion isn't really my strong point, but I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of this album and it isn't even mixed yet. At the risk of sounding parental, I can't begin to express how proud I am."

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