Another day, another edition of White Noise. Like a robust cup of Columbian coffee, we're here each and every morning to bring you up to speed on all things metal. Controversial interviews, release dates, tour announcements, studio notes... we'll have it all for you. Now, on to today's need-to-know metal info.

+ You'd be right in assuming that being a member of one of the most revered metal bands of all time has its perks. There's the fame, the fortune, the parties, and who could forget the random dudes asking you to bone their girlfriends. Yep, that's right...Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich tells Uncut, the sister publication of the U.K.'s NME, that the band's fans have often offered up their girlfriends for Metallica'

"In the early days in America back in the mid-'80s, people would often ask us to [expletive] their girlfriend," Ulrich explains in the rather candid interview. "The first time it happened to me, we were opening for Ozzy [Osbourne] in 1986 and I was slightly taken aback. But you realize people were serious and you say to yourself, 'So now I'm [expletive]ing your girlfriend, are you round the corner? Are you taking pictures? Where do you fit into all this?'

"It's pretty depraved, and it's hard to wrap your head around that when you're [expletive]ing someone else's girl. It's not a good thing to ask a band to do, right?" And yet, you did it anyway.

+ Ohio Christian hardcore outfit Before Their Eyes had a pretty miserable 4/20, and because of it, have vowed to never return to Poughkeepsie, New York, ever again. According to the band's blog, a "'roided out, goliath-like, drunk and belligerent 40-year-old security guard," working the band's gig at the Chance Monday night, assaulted drummer Jarrett Hottman, who later was treated at a nearby hospital for injuries he'd sustained during the attack.

"All of this started because the security member decided to attack us because we didn't want to set our equipment out in the pouring rain while we went to get our van to load out," the band writes in the post, which features pictures of the security guard in question. The incident has not adversely affected the band's current tour with Silverstein, and it is unclear whether Hottman will press charges against the guard for the attack. We'll keep you posted.

+ Exalted spazzcore specialists Frodus have scheduled a trio of East Coast shows for next month, as the band's 10-year reunion carries on following two successful gigs back in March during South By Southwest in Austin, Texas. According to Brooklyn Vegan, the band plays Baltimore's The Sonar on May 8, Philadelphia's The Barbary on May 9, and New York's Death By Audio on May 10. All of the shows will feature Liam Wilson of Dillinger Escape Plan playing bass.

+ Fans of Black Sabbath's Ronnie James Dio period should head on over to VH-1's The Leak, where they're playing Heaven and Hell's The Devil You Know. Or, you could just wait a week, and pick up the disc when it lands on store shelves.

+ Californian deathcore dispensers Suicide Silence have posted a fresh cut from their forthcoming LP, No Time to Bleed. It's called "Lifted," and it slays. You can catch the band live this spring, when they hit the road with Lacuna Coil, Killswitch Engage, and Spineshank as part of Disturbed's Music As a Weapon tour.

+ The Black Dahlia Murder will issue their first official DVD on May 12. Called Majesty, the effort will feature what frontman Trevor Strnad describes as the band's "ghetto metal fabulous" videos, as well as tons of "intense live footage, captured from various locations throughout our Summer Slaughter tour and our romp in support of Children of Bodom."

+ Nachtmystium and Pentagram are teaming up for an all-too-short trek this summer: a mere six dates. They'll be playing Chicago on June 27, Seattle on June 30, and Los Angeles on July 3.

+ Experimental metallers Biclops have entered the studio with producer Will Putney, to begin work on their debut full-length. The band is also planning a short run of East Coast shows with Knife the Glitter this spring.

+ How's this for a cool piece of black metal memorabilia? Dimmu Borgir keyboardist Mustis is auctioning off his custom-made signed leather coat, which he donned in the video for the song "The Serpentine Offering" and on stage during the band's tour last year. "The coat was kept in very good condition and does not smell," he assures potential buyers in his eBay posting.