Another week is in the books, and for us here at the Noisecreep offices, it was a soggy one, indeed. For a while there, we thought we'd never see the sun again, but heading into this weekend, the skies are cloudless and our mood is good.

In addition to being wet, the week was also a busy one, with lots of exclusive interviews, tour updates, album scoops, and all the metal news you need to know, all at the touch of a mouse click. From time to time (well, every Saturday), we like to take a look back at the week that was, and give you easy access to check out all of the great work we've been doing. So, here...check us out.

+ What's the "Justice League of Metal," you ask? Well, Shadows Fall frontman Brian Fair filled us in, and gives us an update on the band's label situation and forthcoming album, which will be in stores before the end of the year.

+ The dudes from Killswitch Engage stopped by our offices recently, and we found out the band nearly named its forthcoming album "Riff Circus." We think. Oh yeah, and they talked to us about touring with Disturbed, and how insulting the audience seems to win them fans on the road.

+ How in the world is Children of Bodom's Alexi Laika playing guitar on tour with a broken shoulder? "Painkillers," said bassist Henkka Blacksmith told us, recalling the incident on the band's bus that led to the singer's busted limb. "It was pretty bad," he admits. Read what else Blacksmith had to say here.

+ We caught up with The Cult's Chris Wyse to talk about his latest project, Owl, which is a bit bluesy, but still a hard rockin' outfit, for sure. Plus, he talks to us about playing with Ozzy, and what we can expect from the Cult in the not-so-distant future.

+ Zao's Scott Mellinger talked to us about the band's new LP, "Awake?," which may be hard to come by, seeing as only 8,000 copies of the disc were pressed. He talks about the band's influences, the band's future, and serial killers, and you can read all about it here.

+ Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton talks about the band's latest album, "Wrath," gives fans some insider info on the making of songs like "Broken Hands," and says that no matter how successful the band gets, he'll always be a Southern gentleman.

+ And lastly, we caught up with Slipknot's amazing drummer, Joey Jordison (dude can play), and he gave us the lowdown on the band's new video for "Sulfur." You can read what he had to say, and watch the video, right here.