We as Human will get a chance to raise their profile this summer on the Carnival of Madness tour, but first the band is laying the groundwork by unleashing their new single, 'Strike Back.' The group just shot a video for the song and Noisecreep is happy to bring you the 'Strike Back' clip's exclusive premiere.

The video is a solid showcase for the band's live ability, with Justin Cordle unleashing his full rock belt while singing, "The bigger they are / The harder they fall / You're gonna suffer / Hit me, I'll hit back harder." Meanwhile guitarist Justin Forshaw showcases some nimble work along the frets, while fellow axeman Jake Jones shines on a mid-song guitar solo. Along with forceful and hard-hitting work from bassist Dave Dragoo and drummer Adam Osborne, We as Human's 'Strike Back' offers a great introductory taste to their new album.

Cordle says of the song, "With 'Strike Back,' we were coming off the tail end of a huge tour, the number one tour of the first quarter of 2012 and I went into the studio. I felt like I had nothing left, so I challenged myself: 'Let's make this first song something to kick people in the face.' So this song was me and my band saying, 'Bring it on. What can hurt us now?'"

As for the clip itself, it centers on interspersing shots of Skillet's John Cooper behind the wheel of a hot rod and the band themselves performing in front of car headlights, with both scenarios offering the suggestion that reality might not be quite what it seems. See how it all plays out in the video at the top of this post.

'Strike Back' is the lead single off the band's self-titled Atlantic Records debut, which can be ordered in a variety of options here. The band scored the deal with an assist from Skillet's John Cooper, who made the proper introductions after getting a listen to their music while on tour. The association with Cooper and company will continue when the band joins Skillet as part of the lineup for the Carnival of Madness tour. To see We as Human's full upcoming itinerary, click here.