Two of our favorite YouTube cover artists have teamed up to bring you a new viral video. If they look familiar it’s because guitarist Jared Dines only recently asked us to choose between deathcore and death metal over on YouTube, while Anthony Vincent of the ‘10 Second Songs’ series, had your jaws dropping because of his cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”

This time around, the duo combined forces to perform the "The Star Spangled Banner" in 10 different styles of music. In the minute-long video above, hear the song performed in heavy metal and death metal versions, as well country, a cappella and many others. We particularly like the ambient/soul section.

While we have you feeling patriotic, why not check out this list of 10 rocking versions of patriotic American songs from the likes of Aerosmith, Anthrax’s Joey Belladonna, Creed’s Scott Stapp and more. (Don’t worry, Jimi Hendrix’s classic performance of "The Star Spangled Banner" from Woodstock is on the list too.) You can even still snag a free download of Metallica's 2013 cover of the National Anthem during the San Francisco Giants baseball game over on their website.

And before you go thinking singing that song must be an easy thing to do, we'd like to remind you of Staind singer Aaron Lewis' performance during one of last year's World Series games. Lewis flubbed the lyrics, and had to issue an apology for his performance.