The former bassist and personal assistant –how's that for multi-tasking?- for Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil is threatening to sue the singer over tax issues. No, we're not talking about Nikki Sixx, either! Instead, Alan Vine, who played bass for Neil's band a decade ago, is blaming his troubles with Uncle Sam on the Crue singer.

There is never a dull moment in Vince Neil's life, as the singer made headlines recently for trying to clock a fan and for his Twitter rant about the Newtown, Connecticut shootings.

Vine shared his story and his troubles via an open letter that is semi-addressed to Neil, courtesy of our friends at Metal Sludge.

The bassist claims that Neil's business manager screwed him and reported inflated earnings, which is causing quite the headache for Vine with the IRS as he tries to raise his children, one of which is named Hollywood. So it's Hollywood Vine. Get it?!

The unedited note is below. In it, Vine uses the phrase "hot dog lips," among other amusing phrases. That said, we do sympathize with his plight, although we're not sure that Neil will become aware of the situation via these means.

"I was Vince's Bass player and personal assistant at one time. I have been trying to straighten out a tax issue with him for several years now to no avail. I didn't want to resort to attorney to sue Tenvin Inc., but after several blow offs I CAN'T STAND IT ANY MORE!!!

Vince's scumbag business manager Burt Stein reported me to the IRS (1099) for making a Boat load of $$$$ which I was never paid. I didn't want to sue him, but now he leaves me no choice. He is now taking $$$ away from my two boys that I raise by myself. I am totally disgusted on how a guy like Vince, who could fix this with a simple phone call and avoid the court system, can't be bothered. I am a stand up guy who never did Vince wrong EVER!!!!

I could of sold him out many times over but NEVER DID!!!! The IRS has been holding my tax returns for 7 years now on my Child Tax Credit for Hollywood who is now 7 and also the tax Credit for my youngest son Indrid Wolfgang for 4 years as well... DO THE MATH ON THAT!!!!!

I grew up listening to Motley Crue and couldn't believe I was working for one of my heroes and it has come to this. I am sure Vince is completely in the dark about this and has no Idea. I have tried to approach Vince about this SEVERAL times and was met with the same blow off he told me to tell people when I worked for him. Tonight was the last straw. I contacted Dana Strum via email to get on the list for tonight show in Coconut Creek Fla because being a single dad I can't afford tickets. Dana responded and was gracious enough to leave 2 tickets and 2 after show passes. Thanks Dana. The show was good. You and Zoltan and Blando are rock solid...thanks....

After the show was over, I went with the after show passes to the waiting area and Vince's Guy came and said "sorry folks band left". I got pissed and said, "Sure dude, I used to do you job. " I pulled out my old laminate and said tell Vince he owes me $ and stop bull shitting these fans and just say what's true, like sorry Vince can't be bothered have a nice day. Then I left The venue and was driving through the parking lot by the back stage area and saw the band leaving and proceeded to yell through the gate, "You fucking asshole. I'm gonna sue you," and a few other vulgarities. I have mad respect for Motley Crue, Sixx, Tommy, Mick, and Vince, too. It just sucks that my kids have to suffer because of this. I bet if I had a huge set of fake tits and was dumb as a box of rocks because of the bleached blond hair and had a pair of hotdog lips, I would have had a better result. "LIVING ON A JET MAKING LOVE TO SOMEONE ELSE'S DREAM" ..ha, what a joke.

Vince, Dana has my email if you want to fix this. Otherwise I am getting a lawyer Monday.


Alan Vine"

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