Vince Neil understands the pain of the loss of a child. His daughter Skylar died of cancer in 1995, at the tender age of 4.

The Motley Crue singer went on a Twitter rant over this past weekend about last Friday's (Dec. 14) school shooting in Connecticut that left almost 30 people dead, several of them innocent children as young as 5 and with their whole lives ahead of them. The tragedy caused the President to cry on national TV and it also sparked heated discussion and debate over the touchy subject of gun control.

The singer's tweets, which you can see below were not linear and seemed to follow his random thoughts. First, he expresses anger over people concerned over their right to keep and bear arms when there were children killed. That's at the heart of this issue, and Neil spews some venom over it.

He then tweeted his disgust at people placing more value on the Second Amendment than on life.

At least Neil made his opinion as clear as a bell.

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