Sharise Neil, who was married to Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil from 1987 to 1993, spilled the beans about what life was like during their marriage.

In a revealing chat with Metal Sludge, the former Mrs. Neil, who is on a TV show called Ex-Wives of Rock, revealed that the singer has "two different sides – the sweet and gentlemanly side and the other side."

The "sweet and gentlemanly" side included gifting her with rare Porsches and multiple Chanel bags at once.

The other side was the drinker and the wild man on the road.

She details the spend-it-as-fast-as-he-made-it lifestyle, and even shares the ballpark figure of her divorce settlement – it was less than $100,000. She briefly touches on their daughter, Skylar, who died of cancer at age 4.

Some key reveals are as follows:

Why he bought her a Porsche: "At one point, we would break up, and another point he would be swaying me back. That Porsche was the one he gave to me after lunch at the Bel-Air Hotel. He surprised me with it in the parking lot. It was there waiting for me. We were on the rocks at the time."

On their current relationship: "Well, we had a daughter together who passed away, so there is no reason to talk anymore."

On his drug usage: "When we would go out, people would hand him drugs. They would literally put things in his hand, and he would go to the bathroom. Later, he'd be passed out, and I would go through his pockets and his wallet, and I would hide the drugs or flush them down the toilet. He wouldn't remember the next day. He'd be like, 'Where did I put that?'"

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