What better way to celebrate the approaching summer season than with pool noodles? Utah deathcore group Chelsea Grin tossed a bunch of the foam floaties into the crowd during one of their recent shows, encouraging those in the mosh pit to fight each other with them.

"Come to a CG show and beat your friends with a pool noodle," the band wrote in a TikTok compilation they uploaded a few days ago, which shows the musicians purchasing the noodles at a local Walmart supercenter as country singer Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" plays in the background.

Mr. Chicken even made an appearance in the clip.

Once the noodles were purchased, the group loaded them into their trailer and then tossed them into the crowd during the show. The last few seconds of the video showed the chaos that then took place — a most blissful, hilarious chaos.

Check out the video for yourself below.

"Just casually seeing Chelsea Grin at Walmart holding 300 pool noodles lmfao," a fan commented on the TikTok.

"Best pit I've ever been in a while," another wrote. "The vibes were immaculate."

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According to a lot of the other comments, many viewers didn't even realize that the people buying the pool noodles in the video were the members of Chelsea Grin until they saw them up onstage.

What a clever way to go viral on a video platform. It also looked like an absolute blast. The band just wrapped up their U.S. tour a couple of weeks ago [via Setlist.fm], and their next performance is scheduled for June 18 at the Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium. We'll have to see what kind of fun they have planned for their next few shows. See the rest of their upcoming tour dates and get tickets here.

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