Justin Reich's lyrical style lends itself perfectly to the music video medium. The bassist/vocalist for North Carolina chaoscore quintet Vanisher, Reich cooks up the kind of jarring visuals usually found in films by edgy movie directors like David Fincher and Abel Ferrara. That's why Noisecreep is thrilled to present to you the world premiere of 'The Architect,' the debut video from Vanisher.

Directed by Reich along with Blake Faucette and Micah Moore, the clip captures the frenetic energy of the song's arrangement and intensity of its lyrics. "The lyrics are inspired by the turmoil that ensues in an abusive relationship. It also deals with the aftermath of both parties trying to keep things together and not have their resolve crumble away," Reich told Noisecreep about 'The Architect' video.

Watch Vanisher's 'The Architect' Video


We asked him if the clip followed any kind of story. "The video's narrative is a very blunt point made on how some people are not the way they try and seem," Reich revealed. "This ties into the lyrics, since many relationship problems are created by one or both people building false personas around the other. And when that facade eventually crumbles, the real person the other was trying to hide is exposed and nothing is ever the same again. In short, you are 'the architect' of your own destruction."

Born of the ashes of underground acts Glass Casket, Bloodjinn and Zero System, Vanisher's first album, 'The History of Saints,' has garnered the group glowing reviews from the famously fickle metal literati. The band's winning balance of grit and melody reveals a veteran-like ease with even the most challenging sections featured throughout the album. 2011 will undoubtedly offer Vanisher many big things.

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