Upon a Burning Body

San Antonio's Upon a Burning Body, known for their creative, musical use of lyrics that borrow from the words spoken by cinematic characters played by Al Pacino, have been denied entry into Canada twice at the U.S./Canadian border. They were warned that a third attempt at crossing into our neighbor to the north would result in the entire band being arrested and taken into custody. The band had to miss two Canadian dates on their current tour with Haste the Day and MyChildren MyBride. Lost revenue and disappointed fans! Now that's certainly not fair.

"We tried getting into Canada," frontman Danny Leal told Noisecreep. "We had the same cover sheet and contracts as the other bands on the tour, but were the only band denied. The lady at the border seemed to just not like us from the get go. We then tried a second border, but it was already in the computer not to let us in. They told us they could arrest us for trying again. We were bummed to say the least. All 'cause of one moody lady!" Someone was certainly in need of a Midol at the border.

Leal continued, "I really don't know why they didn't let us in! We had the same paperwork as the other bands. We just got the wrong lady at the wrong time. She seemed to believe we needed a work license to play one of the venues, even though the owner of that venue faxed a notarized form stating we were exempt. So I have no idea why she didn't let us in."

Upon a Burning Body use words spoken by Pacino characters in films such as 'The Devil's Advocate,' 'Donnie Brasco,' 'The Godfather' and more in their lyrics. Their debut album, 'The World Is Ours,' is out now. Leal doesn't think that had anything to do with it, obviously or karmically! "I don't think this is why we didn't get in to Canada, or I would hope not," he said with a laugh.