Upon a Burning Body had a lot of drama surrounding them the last two summers, but their singer Danny Leal is ready to leave it all in the past and he's vowed to move on following his less than desirable actions. This is in regards to two specific events: one where the singer pretended to be kidnapped as a publicity stunt and the other was an altercation with a now former member of GWAR.

Taking to the band's Facebook page, the singer posted a lengthy comment about how he is done with all of the drama and negativity, now focusing on what really matters. Living a healthier life and trying to be a better husband and father are now at the top of his list, rather than partying and living the stereotype of a rock star. He also used the post to promote an upcoming photo documentary series accompanied by a picture of him flipping off the camera with both middle fingers. See the image and read the full post below.

I'm not a rockstar. But no matter what you do people will still look for a way to portray you in a bad light. Sometimes...

Posted by Upon A Burning Body on Wednesday, 28 October 2015

In early July of 2014, Leal posted on his personal Facebook page, "This same sketchy car has been driving past my house over and over for the past 3 days straight..." followed by "Wide awake now... I could've sworn I heard someone in my house.." the next day. Shortly after, Upon a Burning Body made a statement that Leal was missing. This was all cleared up by Ash Avildsen, the CEO of Sumerian Records, who had signed the band. Furious at the publicity stunt, he sounded off on Leal.

Back in August of this year, Leal got into an altercation with Vulvatron (Kim Dylla), who had formerly been co-fronting GWAR. Claiming Leal had sexually harassed her, she put him into a chokehold and had some choice words to say. The Upon a Burning Body frontman then came back with a few friends, but by then security had arrived. Leal unleashed a flurry of slurs back at Dylla and the feud was over.

Upon a Burning Body released their third album, The World is My Enemy Now, in 2014 and are currently on the road supporting Motionless in White and the Devil Wears Prada. For a full listing of tour dates, visit the band's Facebook page.

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