Featuring ex-members of great groups (and underrated) like Nora, Ensign and the Low End Theory, Torchbearer has a lot to live up to. Luckily from the sounds of 'The Dirty Swagger,' their upcoming album, the N.J. band delivers the goods. On the recording you hear a unit firing on all cylinders. Frontman Amit Sharma fires the kind of sandpaper-scratched vocal jabs that hold can hold their own next to Torchbearer's double-guitar attack.

Noisecreep got our grubby little hands on 'Living Disorder,' a track from 'The Dirty Swagger' album. Check our exclusive premiere below the cut and find out why Noisecreep thinks Torchbearer is a band to watch out for in 2012.

Listen to 'Living Disorder' From Torchbearer

Torchbearer guitarist Dan Brennan gave Noisecreep some background on 'Living Disorder':

"I think that 'Living Disorder' really embodies everything we want to do musically with 'The Dirty Swagger.' Layering a wide range of sounds around a heavy, driving core is something that comes really naturally to us, and we're constantly pushing ourselves to think outside of some of the more obvious conventions associated with hardcore and metal. At the same time, writing songs that we can listen to objectively and recognize as something that we ourselves would be into is just as important, and reconciling that with our desire to experiment is sometimes difficult. With 'Living Disorder' though, it all fell into place perfectly."

Torchbearer's 'The Dirty Swagger' will be out in October.

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