In case you didn't already suspect as much, working as Tommy Lee's assistant is a thankless, underpaid slice of hell. So attests Michael Anthony Sullivan, who was employed as Tommy Lee's lackey from January 2005 to March 2011, and who just filed suit against the Motley Crue frontman, according to Blabbermouth.

Sullivan claims to have worked as Lee's "procurer, Man Friday, chauffeur, guide, bookkeeper, attendant, door-keeper, agent, butler, valet, attendant, cook, shopper, nanny, bodyguard, maid, nurse and nursemaid" often working seven days a week during his six years as Lee's assistant. Despite the ludicrous job description and ridiculous hours, Sullivan claims he was never properly compensated for overtime.

"Lee found Sullivan so useful that he required him to stay at his residence so that he was always available for service," the suit says. "However, after requiring Sullivan to stay at the home and obtaining the benefits of Sullivan's presence in his home, in 2009, Lee began deducting $1,000 from his wages every month for 'rent.'"

With the precious little time he had to himself, we suspect Sullivan indulged in watching 'The Devil Wears Prada,' and reciting potential "I Quit" monologues in the mirror. You can check out the full lawsuit here.

In related news, the Houston Chronicle reports that Tommy Lee's upcoming reality show, 'Culture Shock with Tommy Lee' has just been eighty-sixed. The man is having a bad week.

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