Eighteen Visions' reunion is definitely taking. The band is on their way back with a new EP titled Inferno that is a six-song set inspired by Italian poet Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy.

"We wanted a concept that would artistically fit the vibe of the music we were writing -- dark, punishing and hateful," state the band of the conceptual idea for the set.

Getting the ball rolling, the band has issued an absolutely pummeling new track titled "Sink" that you can hear in the player below.

Inferno is due Oct. 2 and you can place your pre-orders and check out bundle options at the Eighteen Visions merch store.

Eighteen Visions, "Sink"

Eighteen Visions, Inferno EP

I – “Sink”
II – “The Wicked”
III – “Thirty One”
IV – “Bleed the Sheep”
V – “The Void”
VI – “Perils of Sin”

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