Through the Eyes of the Dead

If you like your metal deadly and extremely aggressive, so aggressive that it could, in fact, cause you to grow hair on your chest before puberty or if you are female, then you're going to love Through the Eyes of the Dead's latest platter, 'Skepsis.' New vocalist Daniel Rodriguez told Noisecreep that 'Dementia' and 'The Manifest' are his favorite songs on the record, so perhaps you should check those out first.

"I like 'Dementia' because it's such a shredder and has an extremely catchy and epic chorus," he said. "I had a lot of fun coming up with the lyrics to that song as well, because it's actually the close to the story/concept I came up with for the album. I always felt that 'The Manifest' was the strongest song on the album because it's just in your face and flows so well. I'd say it's probably the most progressive [song we've written]. It's still TTEOTD, but just a little different; almost like a step forward over everything this band has ever written and a good indication of what direction this band's music is going. Another song I also love is 'Inherit Obscurity.' It's just packed with fast, catchy riffs and has a dark feeling to it."

When writing and recording our follow-up to 2007's 'Malice,' we knew had a lot to prove and big shoes to fill. We really sat and analyzed all the feedback from our fans to create a record that will satisfy old and new along with keeping us content as musicians. We've learned a lot throughout the years, and I can finally say that this band is where it should have been since day one. Everyone really went above and beyond to put in their work equally, and it really shows when listening to 'Skepsis.'

Guitarist Justin Longshore also weighed in, saying, "My personal favorite tracks on the record are 'The Manifest,' 'Skepsis' and 'Dementia.' I took almost a year to write the basis of 'The Manifest,' but I could not get it quite right and kept changing it. Once I brought it to the rest of the band at practice and we jammed on it, it really came to life. Some of the riffage on that song is very unorthodox compared to previous material, but it still keeps the sound that we've established. It's also a fun song to play live.

"If I had to pick a song that really defines the record, it would be the title track 'Skepsis.' It's fast, heavy, and has a melodic element that really sums up the album. It also showcases Hank's lead playing, which is some of the best lead work we've had. 'Dementia' was a last-minute song that ended up being one of my favorites. The chorus really hit me when Danny laid his vocals over it in the studio. It really incorporates the melodic element that the band is known for, while still keeping it thrashy and fast."

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