Through the Eyes of the Dead

"I see why people would put us in that category, and there is a death metal and a hardcore influence there," Through the Eyes of the Dead guitarist Justin Longshore told Noisecreep about the band's categorization as 'deathcore.' He continued, "But that is not what we started out to do. A lot of others are doing it. We started in 2003 and [there aren't] many bands doing that sound except All Shall Perish, who are still doing it. It grew and that new term came out.

"We just liked old-school, classic death metal, like Cannibal Corpse, Death and Obituary. We are more on the heavier side, but to make the songs more interesting and catchy, we also have a European influence, too. As long as people like it, I don't care what they call it."

For 'Skepsis,' the band self-produced the album. "I am interested in being a recording engineer. We decided now was a good time. I had the experience and we're five records in and it seemed kind of right to try it out with this record," Longshore said. Hate Eternal mastermind and producer in his own right, Erik Rutan, was supposed to mix the album, but scheduling issues nixed those plans. "We tried to self-produce, since we were here and we were confident we could do it and it turned out great. Anything can always be better, but for what we had, it turned out good," Longshore said.

The band also saved some scratch in the process. "There is not a lot to go around in a recession," Longshore said about the band's ultimately economical decision. "We had a bigger budget on 'Malice' than this record, so it made sense. Going back to basics, re-learning and do it DIY, like we started."

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