Those Who Lie Beneath

Oregonian death metal outfit Those Who Lie Beneath, who quote 'Anchorman' religiously while on the road, are sort of like Hatebreed's Jamey Jasta, in a way. If they have their way, they will be heard -- not only by those within the metal scene but those outside of it, too. Not something you hear a death metal band say every day, but then again, Those Who Lie Beneath aren't just a death metal band.

When asked how Those Who Lie Beneath are different from bands like Black Dahlia Murder and Job for a Cowboy, frontman Jamie Hanks told it to us straight, "It sounds cliché, but we want it more," Hanks explains. "I think we want it more. We want to do more with our music than a lot of these bands that are out now, seems like.

"We don't just want to do one style or one genre of music. We want to branch out and be the next big thing that's doing stuff that's prog-ish, but still remains really brutal. We all love Cannibal Corpse. But they've been doing the same s--- for years. We want to be Between the Buried and Me and Cannibal Corpse and the Black Dahlia Murder, all in one."

Lofty goal for a young band with one album out. That LP, called 'An Awakening,' is in stores now. Look for Those Who Lie Beneath to hit the road soon with Chelsea Grin, Within the Ruins and Monsters. But being the ultimate death metal band, one that's known to those outside of the genre, isn't the band's sole goal.

"What we're trying to do is be not only as brutal as we can but as evil, man," Hanks tells Noisecreep. "We want to have people look at us, and go, 'F---, these guys are scary.' I want people to look at us and go, 'Wow.' I like the 'wow factor.' I want people to be like, 'This band, these guys are amazing, they're f---ing shredding. They're brutal, they're evil, they're dark,' because we are."

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