The Stick People is a Southern California-based band featuring guitarist Mike Stone (Queensryche, Klover, Criss), vocalist Stephen Duffy, Frankie Anthony (Ozzy Osbourne, W.W.III), guitarist Bernie Godwin and bassist M. d'Zuir.

Fusing elements of gritty punk, modern alt-rock and a touch of pop sheen, The Stick People will be releasing their debut album, Madness, on April 23 via EFM Records/Bungalo/Universal Music Group. Produced by Dito Godwin (KISS, Motley Crue), Madness delivers a wallop of air guitar-worthy riffs and hook-heavy choruses.

"Most everything you hear on radio today is sounding the same, over compressed, Pro-Tooled out and Auto-Tuned," Anthony tells Noisecreep. "This album is from the gut. Not pieced together by a computer. I feel we have a rawness and simplicity that translates to the fans."

The Stick People formed in 2008, signed their deal in 2009 but do to industry hold ups they have been biding their time, writing and recording and are now poised and ready to bring Madness to the masses. The quintet is making plans to hit the road with reckless abandon and tour throughout 2013, the first song to infiltrate the airwaves will be the forceful punk rock assault on your senses, "Think About That."

Listen 'Think About That'

Madness will hit stores on April 23.