There's no better endorsement for a rising metal band than the support of an established rock star.Strong Island's Misery retain their back up in the form of Life of Agony guitarist Joey Z., who produced the band's debut, '15 Years of Aggression,' as well as their upcoming album, which is due out this summer.

The Misery boys -- vocalist John and bassist Joe -- came by for a chat with Amy Sciarretto on this edition of the ''Creep Show,' where they discussed working with Joey, studio mishaps and power outtages, almost being arrested while doing a photo shoot in an abandoned location and just how they were able to rack up a decade and a half of aggression. Misery also talked sports; while we can forgive them for being Mets fans, we're not so sure we can say the same about them being Dallas Cowboys fans, since, you know, they're not from Texas.


Speaking of Texas, John and Joe also recall the night they invited Pantera's Vinnie Paul and the late, great Dimebag Darrell to hang out a local bar after a Nassau Coliseum performance -- and the pair actually showed up. John even showed us his tattoo of both Vinnie's and Dime's John Hancocks on his right arm. It was touching to see a Dime immortalized forever!

Check them out on this super fun episode of the ''Creep Show.'