Being the new guy is always a tough role, whether it's the first day of school or it's playing guitar for one of the most important artists in the entire metal universe. Gus G -- who now fills the impossibly large boots of Zakk Wylde as Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist -- is the new guy with quite a bright spotlight shining on him. But the laid-back, soft-spoken guitarist is taking his new gig in stride, enjoying every second of the ride.

For mainstream metal fans, Gus G was plucked from obscurity and dropped into an enviable gig that many guitar slingers would mortgage their reproductive organs for. He's one of the most down-to-earth shredders this writer has come across in quite some time, and that's probably why his new job works. He has the talent and the personality to handle a high pressure job like working for Ozzy.


The Firewind guitarist stopped by for a ''Creep Show' interrogation during a rare off day from touring. He fielded all our questions about working with Ozzy, about Firewind's upcoming 'Days of Defiance' album, balancing his two gigs, interacting with fans, filming videos with Ozzy, taking over for the beloved and iconic Wylde -- and, most important, he taught me how to cuss in Greek, his native language. Noisecreep is all about cultural diversity, and learning profanity in a foreign language is always fun and educational. So many thanks to Gus G for expanding our lexicon of bad words.

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