Gus G, Firewind founder and Ozzy Osbourne guitarist, just unveiled his signature overdrive pedal, the G Screamer. He worked with BBE Sound to create an overdrive pedal that would give his leads the extra push they need to go over the edge.

The G Screamer, as shown in the video above, is modeled after BBE's oft-celebrated Green Screamer. The Green Screamer has been a mainstay for guitar players for a long time now. It is renown for its ease of use and its ability to produce great tones. Gus G's G Screamer takes that legendary tone and refines it to make it tailored for high-gain amplifiers.

The first noticeable difference between the two is the outside appearance. Whereas the Green Screamer is housed in a medium-sized case with a green logo on top, the G Screamer is housed in a much smaller black case, but it still has the same three control knobs. Those knobs control the pedal's volume, tone and gain. Gus G uses the G Screamer with the level and gain knobs set to 1 o'clock, and the tone knob at noon. This gives him the extra signal boost he needs when he launches into a solo.

BBE and Gus G made some alterations to the circuit to customize the pedal's sound. They also changed some of the inside components to improve the pedal's tone and performance. It also includes extras like a blue LED indicator light, which is brighter than the typical red light while using less power, and a true bypass switch so when the pedal is disengaged, it doesn't affect the guitar's signal.

The Ozzy guitarist said that the pedal could still sound good with a low-gain amplifier by tightening up the amp's distortion. He demonstrated the pedal by shredding through it, playing his signature ESP guitar through some of his custom Blackstar amps.

For more information on the G Screamer, visit BBE Sound's website.

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