When most people think of heavy music in Northern California, the '80s Bay Area thrash scene probably springs to mind first. But since the '90s, the San Francisco Bay has also produced a rich hardcore community that has birthed bands including Hoods, First Blood, and Killing the Dream. The Bay Area's own Lionheart have recently released their second album, 'Built on Struggle,' and have become one of the area's leading representatives in the hardcore sweepstakes.

In 2007 Lionheart released 'The Will to Survive,' their debut album on Stillborn Records, owned by Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed. For this year's 'Built on Struggle,' they have signed with rising metal label Mediaskare. The standout track on the new album is 'Pure Hatred,' which also features Bleeding Through vocalist Brandan Schieppati. Noisecreep recently asked Lionheart frontman Rob Watson about the track and working with Schieppati.

Noisecreep: How did the collaboration between you and Brandan come about?

Rob Watson: We had known each other prior to working on the song together, so when it came time to have him guest on the song it was a pretty easy process. He and I both had ideas for which part he was going to take, and how we were going to trade off with the vocals. Everything came together really well.

Listen to 'Pure Anger'

There are some really brutal things going on in the lyrics. What inspired them?

I've been through a lot of s--- in my life and it's helped make me who I am. Unfortunately, anyone who has really been through some hard times knows that it can leave scars. Although I've overcome a lot of the struggles I've been faced with, I still carry some of my past with me. I know there are a lot of other people out there who have been through the same type of drama, or who are still going through it. It can weigh you down.

With 'Pure Anger,' I just wanted to write a straightforward song for anyone out there who can relate. No matter what bulls--- life can throw at you, everyone has it inside them to get past it.

Why did you think Brandan would be a nice addition to the track?

There's always been a lot of anger in Bleeding Through's music and I know Brandan can relate to the message in the lyrics to 'Pure Anger.' Aside from that, he has a great voice and it definitely helped to add another interesting element to the song.

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