For two years now -- before there was even a Noisecreep -- I've been chatting with the Crinn about 'Dreaming Saturn.' The band's Nuclear Blast debut was initiated just a little bit before they embarked on a 10-day tour with Psyopus in the spring of 2008.

"When we did that tour, we had written only one song for the new album, 'Voluptuous Eruptions,' and that song wasn't even done, though we still played it live to see what people thought," frontman John Nelson told Noisecreep. A year after that, the band went into the studio to record.

"We take kind of a long time to put stuff out, but we are always working on stuff and really don't want to give our listeners anything less than our best!"

The band wrote the music for the album as one song. They even drew out a diagram to plan the way the album would all come together. And just like Cleric's latest release, the band has put together a really creative, technical album. Lyrically, Nelson developed a story to accompany the music that would complement the intensity of the songs.

"The story in a nutshell revolves around the idea that in life all people -- subconsciously and through there own perception -- see and exist in a complex state of deep personal subjective dreams or thoughts, but the actual physical reality of life is so overpowering and unlike our dreams that it's hard to escape the sometimes demoralizing power of our own brain and the environments we all create for ourselves.

"So it comes down to my opinion that there is no such thing as total free will, and dreams give us the illusion of it. 'Dreaming Saturn' depicts a new world where we are all free of our environment. I do realize that I didn't make the concept easy to understand, but I know fans of our music can appreciate that this is a deep album. Inspiration comes from my experience, observation, science, philosophy, and dreaming."

'Dreaming Saturn' was appropriately released on April 20 via Nuclear Blast Records.

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