Progressive, experimental Londoners TesseracT are part mechanical, part organic and soaringly melodic -- not to mention completely challenging to pin down. To see what we mean, you only need to watch 'Concealing Fate Part III,' which Noisecreep is proud to premiere. It's the first video from the band's new album, 'One,' which comes out March 22.

The song was tracked completely live in the studio with no edits or overdubs. Even the solos were recorded on the fly. To reflect the sort of spontaneity that drives the song, the band wanted a simple but exciting video that captured the moment rather than something that was shot over many hours, using multiple locations and post-production special effects.

"We had done a video for 'Concealing Fate Part II' already, which was more or less a traditional performance video," vocalist Dan Tompkins (ex-First Signs of Frost) told Noisecreep. "This time we really wanted a video that was more of a reflection of what we're like onstage."

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To best capture TesseracT blasting it out without a safety net, Bassist Amon Williams suggested they hire director Tim Fox, who has prevously worked with Skindred, amongst others. In the end, it was the right decision.

"We were all extremely excited, but we knew not to get too wound up until we saw a first cut," said Tompkins. "But then the first cut arrived in our inbox and we all said, 'That's it! He nailed it."